ANSAILONG. After studying Chinease - first here in Denmark, later at a Chinease language school in Beijing - the Chinease became so enthusiastic about Viktor, that his teacher thought it was time for a proper Chinease name - Peaceful Competitive Dragon.

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On the 27th of august 2017, Viktor Axelsen won the World Championship gold in mens single, as the first danish player in 20 years. A feat which resonated in all of the badminton world, when he beat the legend Lin Dan in the final in Glasgow, at the age of 23. He went on to triumph a month later in Japan Open, conquering the top of the world ranking for the remainder of 2017.

The road to the top started far away from Glasgow, in 1994 when Viktor was born in Odense, where he grew up. The talent for badminton was hard to miss, and all of the world got to know his name, when he won the World Championship for youth players at the mere age of 16 years old, as the first non-asian player. The admiration of the crowds was not lessened by the fact that Viktor was competing against players two years older than himself.

It became the start of a life as a professional, in which the sport of badminton has taken him around the world, celebrating titles and winning the hearts of fans all over the world. His popularity rose again in 2016, when, after winning an Olympic bronze medal, he gave a live-interview to the Chinease TV station CCTV - in chinease! As a side project Viktor had taught himself chinease, with the purpose of building a stronger relationship with his many fans in the badminton crazed country, and understanding his biggest competitors and collegues.

Today, eight years after the World Championship for youth players, Viktor has established himself in the elite of badminton, and has become a household name in Denmark, which was made even clearer when he won two national awards after his World Championship gold. Viktor is not 24 years old, and even though his major dream was accomplished in 2017, the athlete is far from done. Viktor wants to go further. Onwards to new victories, new titles, new journeys.

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